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- Helen Keller

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"Personal, professional and business excellence all stand on the same pillars of strength. I call them the "7Cs" and I want to show you how to put them to work for you - in your life and in your workplace."

-- Cresswell Walker

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What are the 7cs?


Latest Book:

Sail7Cs to Passion,
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Are you living the life you were born to live?
(or just living a life you were born into)?

THIS IS A BOOK FOR DREAMERS: A book for people determined to pursue their dreams, personal and professional.

THIS IS A SAILING ADVENTURE BOOK: A book about sailing 9000 km across the South Pacific in an eleven metre sailboat, a story of passion and companionship, fear and courage, of joy amidst nature’s perfection.

THIS IS A ‘HOW-TO’ BOOK: The Uncommon Sense of the “7Cs” will help you get off the dock and to out sea in discovery of your own destiny, whatever that might be.

LEARN HOW TO: Make your life a daring adventure, a voyage of self discovery, a mission to find purpose; How to create a life of satisfaction by mastering what you love and doing it every day for the rest of your life; How to live each day with your hair on fire while having fun, making money and making a difference.


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Sail the 7Cs to:

• Become good at what you love and then do it every day for the rest of your life
• Live a life that makes a difference, leaves a legacy
• Spring from bed each morning, eager for another day of discovery and creation
• Make love, make money, have fun living life like your hair is on fire!
• Never ‘work’ another day in your life, and play instead with things that bring you joy

This is a story of adventure and heart, discovery and passion. It’s a story about sailing off to the South Pacific in a 35 foot sailboat. It’s a story about one man’s quest to find a life of spirit and purpose in a ‘striving’ world gone mad with work and money. It’s a story about how ordinary people like you and me can live extraordinary lives; about how we can find happiness and meaning by sailing the 7Cs of Captaincy, Courage, Capacity, Course, Companionship, Curiousity and Compassion.

Publishing date:June 2010
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Executive Coach, Professional Planner, Published Writer, International Speaker, Entrepreneur and a Businessman, CRESSWELL WALKER has a lifetime of adventure behind teaching the
UNCOMMON SENSE of getting it right.

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